The simple art of controlling and manipulating attention for the purpose of healing. A direct and powerful system of knowledge and techniques that allows one to locate, unlock, release and completely remove stress from the muscles of the body, eliminating pain and dis-ease, gaining balance, fluidity and alignment in the process.

The NuHealth practitioner soon begins to realize a new heightened awareness of his or her body and the energy that moves within and around it. The more advanced one becomes in the practice of NuHealth the greater and more profound this awareness becomes.

NuHealth is so simple, that even a child can begin to use these techniques immediately without any practice or knowledge of any special terminology.

How Does NuHealth Work?

As is common knowledge many health problems are ’stress related’. Stress is stored in the muscles of the body, which manifests as tight contracted muscles. Pain is one way our body let’s us know we have a problem. By pressing on the pain with sustained pressure, using our hands or a bodywork tool, we bring our attention there and make a direct connection to the distressed area, stimulating it and bringing relief.

Simultaneously our body often tells us why the injury has occurred with a direct remembrance of an event when we were injured. We can carry this forgotten trauma/pain with us, using up our valuable energy, until we ‘Recapitulate it’. Recapitulation can occur spontaneously or by re-examining an incident, at which time we can change the effect it has had on our physical and emotional bodies, which in turn helps make the recovery a speedy and thorough one.


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NuHealth and the Recapitulator®

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Brief Introduction

What we call Nuhealth is actually ancient knowledge passed down through the ages and has been given different names at various times and places throughout history.

With a variety of approaches to health & fitness they all have one thing in common and that is: they all focus on relieving stress, pain, tension and fear from the muscles in order to achieve a state of harmony, fluidity and balance of mind & body.


We consider this ancient knowledge is best expressed, in it's purest, simplest form in the legend of NuHealth.

The following links provide connections to various well known disciplines or teachings. All were inspired by and have evolved from this same ancient knowledge.

You will also find links to massage bodywork tool dealers so you can see the other tools currently available for comparison to the Recapitulator.


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